Oct. 7th, 2015 02:29 pm
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I updated my iPhone to the recent iOS. Man, this thing is sleek. Like, I love what they did with the music, even though I sure as hell am not going to buy their stupid subscription thing.

I say this and then watch me do it.

Anyways, today wasn't so bad. I mean, I guess. We had a Technology Communications class and basically everyone was being stupid in it and I just fucked around on my computer. Some of my classmates made me get snapchat but I have no idea what to really use the stupid thing as. Like... ugh. I am not witty in a few sentences nor do I like taking selfies so... whatever. I have it. And Instagram. I put both under the name Jarlfcknsiddgeir. Anders had no idea what that was. He kept yapping at me over it. I told him that's my handle. And it is.\

Jarl Fucking Siddgeir.

Always will be my baby.

Anyways, I screwed around last night. Fought with ideas on how to write. I need to get more into the heads of Kenshin, Aya, and Kagekatsu. Like I legit might go troll for information on them from the University library and shit just so I can write them perfectly. I've never written a setting in Japan that hasn't been modern so it's freaking me out a little. Like fuck, what would the castle structure be like? Did they even live in a castle or were there other areas they went? What were the battle camps like? Is this all necessary when I'm basing them all off game characters? Bah, I don't know. But I do know I want to add Samurai Warriors to my list of things I've written for.

And Pokemon.

One day...

(For now, fuck it. I'm going to go shamefully to the mall and buy an iTunes card)
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So, I bought Samurai Warriors 4-II, even though I am nowhere near completed Samurai Warriors 4. But I couldn't help myself. What if Kenshin's in it AND HE HAS MORE INTERACTIONS WITH AYA. Also I think I'm in love with Kagekatsu. I was playing through his character thing and he does this thing where he awkwardly says he's terrible around women. But you (the player)... and then he sort of gets embarrassed. And I flipped a table because FUCK, YOU'RE CUTE. I am hardcore Team Uesugi now. And I want all of my babies to experience love, dammit.


Other than that, I blew $400 on deadmau5 shirts. Worth it. I also still think my classmates need to shut the hell up and two years is way too long for this shit. Typical crap.

But back to what's important. Seriously, Kagekatsu. HNNNNNNgh.

Fuck, I should write tonight.

Fuck it.


Oct. 4th, 2015 06:09 am
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My computer is having an absolute shitfit right now. It switches between the text box and hitting itself and whatnot. I think that's an indication I need to restart it.

Hm, so what's new? Well, got my goal. Uesugi Kenshin is now my Plus 1 on the battlefield. Bitch is an absolute beast. My character is level 18 and Kenshin is... maybe a level 5? But he can hold himself up so damn well. I actually find myself playing as him more than my cute little wanderer because HNNNGH. His musou attack is just way too fun! But yeah. Kenshin and Aurora, tearing shit up all over Japan.

Though I did feel bad when I attacked Kagekatsu and Aya was on his side. I defeated her as Kenshin and she commented that she brought shame to herself and her brother. I was like.... aw, fuck, Aya... Now I feel bad. Actually, I find it very interesting how close those two are. When Aya is on Kenshin's side and Aya is being a badass, Kenshin will say "My sister is unmatched." And when Kenshin is destroying the battlefield, Aya comments on her "Precious little Kenshin." I think it's cute. Especially since Aya seems a tad psychotic and manipulative and Kenshin is just completely emotionless. It's like watching the Lannisters fight in battle.

Except these two aren't in love with each other.

Well, maybe Aya is. She did want Saburo to call her 'mother' when Kenshin took him is as a son but who knows. I put that more to her being controlling but hey, she could be in love with her brother. It's hard not to be when he's a fucking badass motherfucker on the battlefield. Anyways.

Actually, I am wondering if I should start writing these two. Within the fandom, the pretty boys are the ones with the fanart and fiction I notice. I don't blame people. Nobuyuki is incredibly sweet and Date is hilarious because he's such a power-hungry brat. But man, the Uesugi clan is just fucking perfect. Kenshin is emotionless, an obvious alcoholic (lmao srsly), and really naive sometimes. Aya is manipulative, strange (her food, wtf), and drop-dead gorgeous. Kagekatsu is intimidating but so soft-spoken it's precious. Fucking Kanetsugu is just... Kanetsugu. Him and his fucking rice song istg. And Kagetora is so new and eager and poor baby. I would literally watch a soap opera on them all. And it does make me want to write them. Probably starting with Kenshin and Aya because there is some sort of fun, messed up sibling relationship there. I don't want to say Aya has tortured him but I'm pretty sure Aya is the type of sibling to pull on her younger brother's ears and smile in delight when he writhes in pain.

Mm, guess that's it. I mean, in real life I have a Radio test coming up and shit but I could not care at this point in time. I'm actually happy for once focusing on something else. So, for today, that's what I'm going to do.
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Hm, guess I should update this considering people are dumping me from their friends lists. Honestly, I do use this place. Just not to update. Should change that.

So, where to begin? Well, for 5 weeks I was trapped in the wilderness with my classmates. That whole experience really taught me that I literally cannot make friends anymore and that I should always just put my expectations so low to the ground that a nice word to me will seem like a good day. Honestly, I was so excited to go into Forestry, thinking I will meet likeminded people.

I did not.

But isn't that the way things go? It usually is. So, anyways, I have no friends and life goes on. Thank God for video games. Which, speaking of, that girl I tried to talk to on tumblr no longer follows me so I can go back to posting on there. Not that I think tumblr is anything great but it's nice to go and reblog video games pictures again.

I'm also getting into Samurai Warriors. I bought the game and all the DLC and am going through the mode where you get to be a character doing things. I keep moving hard to get Kenshin, honestly. Like I just want my grumpy monk, game! And I blame Pokemon for making me love him. I played Pokemon Conquest up at camp so my mind didn't explode and hnnnngh Kenshin. HE'S MY NEW BABY.

So, yeah. I guess that's it, really. I need to take a shower today and go to the doctor's to get my ear drained. Then come back and work on a project. Then back to school. *sigh*


Aug. 2nd, 2015 08:40 am
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Huh. Sort of shocked on how dead my feed is on here. So, it's not just me. That makes me feel a bit better.

Really, there's nothing much going on with me. I checked up on the Skyrim Kink Meme today and just sort of... rolled my eyes. I still feel very strongly about Siddgeir and a lot of other NPCs but I have to admit, the spark is gone for me from there. I suppose that's all good and well anyways as I wrote over 100 fanfics for it. A break from TES is welcome. But... idk. I just found myself going 'Wow, this place went downhill fast' after about five minutes on there. Never used to feel like that. Suppose that's a good indicator I should move on.

Really, maybe I should write some more Bloodborne stuff. Someone did ask if I would ever write rated M stuff between the Hunter and Doll and honestly, I would LIKE to. But then again, I would love to write an epic tale of my nuzlockes and a scenario where Ajay saves Bhadra in Far Cry 4 and takes her far, far away from Kyrat. Not romantically just like... as a brother. Because he's like, the guardian she needs. Not those other crazies.

But here I am, sitting here, not writing. Yep. Okay, I shouldn't say that as I did write something the other day but considering how no one cares, I barely consider it like, epic fanfics.

Don't know what else I'll do today. Sleeping the entire day sounds nice. Hm.
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I really hate that Livejournal put its header at the top. My custom header was a lot better. If you can go to the old layout, I might do it because ugh.

Other than that, not much else to say. My laptop broke so I have to type on my gaming computer. It sucks. This thing is meant for gaming for a reason. Also it's thundering out. Yayyy... so. Meh.

Not much to say.
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Environment Canada issued a smoke warning for my area. Winds are blowing from the East so all of the smoke from Saskatchewan and Northern Alberta is hitting Central Alberta.

I haven't seen the air like in our area this since BC burned in 2003. It's interesting, though. It seems like every summer now will be the summer Western Canada burns.

As to where I've been... well. Let's just say I'm playing Far Cry 4 right now. And I really, really like it.

E3 Hype

Jun. 16th, 2015 10:05 pm
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So, caught up on E3. I got super hyped. The Last Guardian? I cried. I've been waiting for that for SO LONG.

But then I hoped on tumblr and... ugh. It's the same as it always is.

"Omg, everything at E3 is sexist! The only good games have girls in it!" (seriously?) or "LOL Ubisoft fails again!"

Like shit. I'm happy to see any games. All of them are looking good. But nope. No fun on tumblr. You HAVE to hate Ubisoft. You HAVE to hate EA. Everything from them is bad but Bioware! (yeah, ok). Like, it's ridiculous. I feel like a 90s kid again where all these new games bring up excitement for me to play them. But you look at the gaming "communities" online and everyone is bitching that everything sucks.

Like sheesh. I get you can criticize but it's like nowdays people are doing it to just be cool. I wish I could find someone who gets hyped about all the games like I do but it seems that if you're not criticizing trailers, you're not a true gamer.

Yeah. Okay. I'm going to go back to having fun instead of whining. Have fun with your shit, tumblr.
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Oh man, today was tense. But I finally did it. I ended my Nuzlocke run of Diamond, 72 hours later. I beat the Champion with no deaths making it 12 deaths in total since I started (God, some of them killed me) and now all I have to do is start worldbuilding and seeing if I can write this out. I really want to but I don't want to make a bunch of loose headcanons. After reading this one unfinished run that was very tightly knit together, I want to make sure mine is just like that.

But to do so... I might go read it again, ha ha. What I want to do is incorporate some Bloodborne mythos, Skyrim worldbuilding, and various references into a completely, good story. But again, I am doubting if it is. Should I scrap the romantic undertones or not...? But the entire point I started Diamond was to move into Alpha Sapphire. Hm.


Whatever. I guess tomorrow I'll get out some paper and start mapping how I want to go about things. Unless we do go down to see my horse, then I'll do that. But I think it might rain, for once, so there's no point in me mucking about.

Anyways. Yeah. Tomorrow, I should start worldbuilding and making notes on how I want this story to unfold. I don't want any loose ends on it, it should be tight like a perfect ball of wool so nothing is left frayed or unended. Whether I have the skill to do that... hm.
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Not going to lie, anytime someone has ever said "Oh, he's a sweet cinnamon bun, too pure for this world!" I used to get annoyed because seriously? That's the phrasing you want to use to describe someone? Their like a load of sugar that gives you a small high before disappointment? Maybe it's because I hate cinnamon buns. Or because I really hate that tumblresque phrase and mentality towards people. But it always irks me.

So, naturally, I start looking at Alfred, Hunter of Vilebloods and coo that he's a sweet, innocent cinnamon bun, too good for this world. Fuck me. I hate myself so much sometimes. But at the same time...

I really, really like Alfred. And I really wish I had the talent to write something with him. Like, honestly, I do. Because I went back and re-read some of my stuff this morning to see how my writing feels and compares to others and shit is it lifeless. Like fuck me the characters are cardboard cutouts placed into fantasy scenes rendered better than I can describe with the emotion of two dead fish and the complexity of a spoon. It actually full on reminded me yet again WHY my stuff has never been recommended. Because it doesn't offer any depth or feeling to make someone wish to.

I don't know. I want to get better, I really do. Because I would love to expand Alfred's character out since what Bloodborne gives isn't really a good picture. He's a sweetheart and cutie for the two times you interact with him. Then he turns full on psychotic and then kills himself. Like... crimony. There's got to be more to it than that. But nope. And I would love to expand on it and give him more of a study piece but again. How the fuck do you write??? Uggggh.

Besides. Not sure if I'm going to go down and see my horse. I half don't want to because I still am traumatized by the fall but at the same time I can't stay away from her forever. It just makes me a bit queasy thinking about it. Queasy isn't something I want to be around my horse.


Also, side note for myself. If I'm going to write Alfred, I should make it uplifting. It's canon he dies anyways. Not like Siddgeir who needs to have his heart ripped out and repeatedly smashed onto the ground until he's a broken shell. Because fuck you honey. You should never be happy. Alfred should. He deserves it.


May. 28th, 2015 09:10 am
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Well, my books came. And it hyped me up so bad for the upcoming Skyrim book from Bethesda. Like so hyped now. What came in my order was the Aldmeri Dominion hoodie (it's not as soft and fuzzy as my Wall of Alduin sweater was but it'll serve well in the fall), the mudcrab plush (came with a code for a free in-game mudcrab WHICH I CAN'T GET) and the Tales of Tamriel volume one. Again, the book is incredibly beautiful.

But getting it got me super pumped for the Skyrim books coming out. Like hskdgfjd. This shit is quality and I want them all. But for now, all my leather-bound Elder Scrolls books are sitting on my shelf next to my pokemon books. It seems fitting my two favourite series are together.

I also got the Art of the Uncharted Trilogy in the mail. Honestly, I expected more from the book because the Art of Uncharted 2 was one of the best purchases I ever made, but it's still pretty. I'm glad to have it in my gaming art book collection which is slowly growing by itself.

So, now all I need left is the Elder Scrolls journals I bought and the Bloodborne guidebook because HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGH. Today, I was actually thinking I should write more Bloodborne fanfiction but I think I might just continue my nuzlocke. And fuck around with my pokemon books because ilusm pokemon. As you can tell, my priorities sure are set straight.
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I need to save this. I listened to it last night, the entire thing, and it was everything I wanted to know and hear. A debate with intelligence.

More under the Cut )
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Guess who saw her sweet baby angel yesterday. Me.

Guess who loves her sweet baby angel more than anything (save for my cats which are top tier). Me.

Guess who put her head around me when I was hugging her. Sky.

Guess who sobbed because THIS HORSE IS MY BABY AND SHE WILL ALWAYS BE MY BABY. Meeeeee.

Long story short, I saw Skyby. For some reason her previous owner brought her up to my cousin's place which is weird but I don't question it since driving 15 minutes one way is way better than 45 minutes one way. Only Sky is sort of on the outside since my cousin's mares think she's a plebeian and uncool so my poor girl has no friends and sort of followed us around for a while. When my cousin went to catch some mares they gave her to me (Hold your nag I was actually told) so basically I love her and she's lonely and I really, really love my horse. She's too sweet for this world.

But now I have to figure out how the fuck to take her to where I want her to be. Which is a friend's place where I can learn to ride her because my cousin literally wants to go riding for more than 3 hours at a time and I get seasick pretty easy and ngl I want to die when I go with her. I need to start off gradually. They do no understand...
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I was on tumblr trying to get some more Bloodborne pics. Also, you know, checking out the scene on some of my favourite blogs. And there was this thing about how someone couldn't fathom how a person got so obese that simple tasks winded them. They were asking an anti-fat acceptance blog who told them obese people who have always been that way don't know what they're missing. And I was like... yeah, okay.

So, I stupidly decided to look at the blog. And what do you know, it's the same old story. They say "We don't hate fat people!" but then two posts down there's this thing on how fat people are killing themselves, wake up people how can you do this to yourself. And I just got to that point that I rolled my eyes and shut it down.

Look. Just admit you don't like fat people. Don't sit around going "Oh, no, dearie! We believe if you're healthy, that's fine!" and then two seconds later "Natural selection will take its course with these people." Which is it. Do you think if someone is healthy but they are overweight they are fine or that because they are fat, they will die and it will all be chalked up to natural selection and thinning of the herd.

People honestly make me roll my eyes so hard. Like, I get glamorizing being obese is shitty. There is no glamour with it. But to constantly tell someone who isn't your body type (thin or fat) that they need to conform to what is healthy in your mind which is a jacked up Olympic athlete... yeah, no. I can move horses. I can fetch them from a field, though I may walk slower. I do agree I need to lose weight but it sure the fuck won't be because of blogs like that. My mom dropped a ton of weight and yes, it made me super jealous despite the fact she did it because she was so depressed she stopped eating. But I'm not going to get down a bit in my pounds by doing stupid stuff just so the Internet will approve of me.

Anyways. Threw on the Wii Fit right now. I need to get my balance in order some for when I ride Sky. That's what I'm thinking of right now. Other than people are irritating. After this, I might bother my cats. Because Bel is just begging to get a raspberry blown on her stomach... I may come back with scratch marks in my face.
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Okay, so I spent more money. This time on the Collector's Edition book for Bloodborne - despite me not even owning a PS4 or the game - and two Elder Scrolls journals from Amazon. I went back on the store to try and figure out when the next set of books were coming out because, in all honesty, I really fucking want them despite not having the money. My Elder Scrolls Online books are beautiful in themselves and I am really happy I do have them as they are just invaluable resources for myself. And considering I've pumped more than 3,000 hours into Skyrim, I think I can treat myself to the books.

The hard part is just waiting. I got two emails saying my package from Bethesda and Playstation Gear sent so I just need to wait for them. Which, again. Waiting is really damn hard.

Anyways, today I need to jet over to my cousin's and then I get to go down and see my dear sweet princess, Sky. My mom's starting to get worried on us buying her foal so I need to ask my cousin if I can store the little twit at her place until around September/October. She just needs to be weaned from her. Then I can try teaching her, which my mom is still unsure of. I think we can do it. It's almost like my future project. If she doesn't work out, then, well, I guess we're selling her but I hope it never gets to that point. I really want her daughter to work out for us.

Other than that, still reading the Bloodborne lore analysis. Need to drop a link so I don't forget it.

The Paleblood Hunt

I really am digging this stuff, mostly for what I can use between Plain Doll/The Hunter. I'm even starting to lean towards The Hunter/Eileen because they are two outsides come to Yharnam to seek answers and a cure. Who better for him to get attached to? And maybe something with Isoefka. Because damn, what the ever-loving fuck. So, yeah.
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Well, I blew about $200 today. I went on the Playstation store to see what's the what on Bloodborne merchandise. I was hoping for a little more than they had but what can you do. While I was on there I saw they had the Art of Uncharted and I sort of had to grab it. Uncharted is a defining series for me and if I honestly was a better writer, I would do something with Nate and Elena. Those two still get to me.

While I wasted my money there, I hoped on the Bethesda store as well. Why? idk I'm stupid. Anyways, I still can't play ESO due to my computer literally laughing at me over my GBs. I have 33GBs free. No, I can not free up anymore. *cries* But I saw they were releasing a book on there. I had to have it. And the Aldmeri Dominion hoodie is only $30 instead of $50. Being the Altmer-lover that I am, I grabbed it. And finally I said fuck it and grabbed the Mudcrab plush I've wanted since I first saw it. It's way too fucking cute.

Anyways, later I went back there to see what else was kicking around and seeing there's a Skyrim book coming out I basically had a meltdown and threw money at that as well. Like gjfghghjff I NEED IT. I bought the ESO books last summer so this summer will be these new ones. Because djhsjhfkssakl.

When it was all said and done I actually found myself not wanting to start up Skyrim. I don't want to say I'm getting bored with it but I've literally only been playing Skyrim for a year and a half now. I've exhausted everything save for Shalidor's maze. And seeing Bloodborne and getting into it... Like Plain Doll/Male Hunter is sort of my thing at the moment. I wrote one fic for them and I have another planned on Hunter taking Plain Doll on a stroll. I just find her loyalty and love for the Hunter so endearing while he goes and murders everything. So, yeah. Seeing a new shiny video game with messed up lore... I sort of looked at my darling Elder Scrolls and just sighed. Because, well, I'm not in the mood to write for it as of late. Maybe it's because I wrote for seven days straight and no one cared. Maybe I've finally exhausted my brain on ideas for the series considering I have written over 100 fics for it. idk.

But, to not get me so far ahead and just abandon it all, I did start up Morrowind again. I've already screwed up by not grabbing something in Seyda Neen but whatever. I've got Tribunal and Bloodmoon installed and I sort of want to go to Solstheim so I can sit around and cry because FUUUUUUUUUUUCK MY BABIES. Also lore. But we'll see. Bloodborne is really calling to me. I mean, come on. Hunter/Plain Doll is darling. But we'll see. I'm actually going to take some time today to sit my ass down and read the ESO books I have. What else do I have to do? And maybe it will give me some new ideas.
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Yeah, so, watched Rhonda kick Whiskey right in his dick. Traumatizing.

Anyways, we got three others bred today. Sunny to Duelie again, Jett to Draco, and Fancy and Bandit. But yeah, Rhonda sure did Whiskey in. I really hope he's is alright. Like, I don't care about all of my cousin's studs but Helios, Duelie, Whiskey, and Larkin are like... special. Mostly because I think they're beautiful. Helios is incredibly handsome and easy to handle. Larkin is a fucking idiot but damn, he's pretty. Duelie is the biggest sweetheart. And Whiskey is damn impressive. Like he would look amazing in shows. So when one gets kicked in the dick... yeah, I feel terrible.

Anyways, didn't go see Sky. We're hauling horses on Friday so I guess that's when I'll see my dear precious girl. But hey, at least Sunny sucked up to me today so I pet her a lot. I really love my cousin's old girls.
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So, helped my cousin breed three of her mares today to three of her studs. That was interesting. I mean, Duelie is real sweet. He and Sunny were no problem to handle. But damn, Draco is a fucking psycho and Whiskey bit Rhonda so bad we had to put disinfectant on it.

But yeah, I learned basically how horses mate and spent the most part of the day listening to her stallions have a meltdown since they can all see her mares and smell which ones are in heat but can't do anything about it. Most of her mares don't give a shit and I did pet a good majority of them since they were being needy. But crimony, her studs.

Whatever, tomorrow, I get to go see Sky. I get her on May 31st, that's the day she's being weaned from her filly and I just really want to see my two babies. I ain't breeding Sky for a long time after this, I will say. My poor girl doesn't need damn stallions biting her and messing her up.
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So, I hear Valve and Bethseda are stopping the paid mod service they wanted to put up after everyone and their dog complained. Okay. Whatever. But then someone on tumblr linked to this "great justice done" and a release statement made by Bethseda on their blog and I found something I find tremendously interesting.

To quote:

Only 8% of the Skyrim audience has ever used a mod. Less than 1% has ever made one./

Eight percent. Eight bloody percent uses mods and when it came that they might have to pay for a certain mod after they tried it on one single website where you can get mods, they flipped the fuck out.

This all puts a sour taste in my mouth. Yes, I don't think you should have to pay for mods all the time. They are not official content from Bethseda. But modders who get no money for the unofficial patches, for Immersive Armors, for Frostfall, they deserve nothing? Oh, but the response to that is "Well, Valve/Bethseda were taking most of the money!" Well, yes. Bethseda created the entire game. Valve hosts it on their money-squeezing website. If you made a piece of artwork and someone took a small fraction of it to sell as buttons and you weren't going to get anything, wouldn't you demand some compensation since you created it?

I don't know. This entire thing just soured me. It just felt like a bunch of children who think gaming companies exist because they want to genuinely entertain you as opposed to make money (like companies like to do???) and when they ask for more money, they are greedy, manipulative, sell-out, sexist whores like EA - the WORRRRST COMPANY IN THE WORLDDDDD - who they will NEVER SUPPORT EVER EVER AGAIN!

Like crimony. It makes me embarrassed to be a gamer sometimes.


Apr. 24th, 2015 02:40 pm
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Eyyyy the reason the wind was so terrible?

Tornado touched down near us. Or at least a microburst or something. Our neighbours have a granary that's smashed to shit as well as their yard torn up. Couldn't believe it.

So, mystery solved.