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Naotora needs to be with the Tokugawa forever. Like holy shit, she is a precious flower that needs protection because she's so precious. Like, I may ship her and Honda, but her and Ieyasu is just so cute in a daughter-father way. Ugggh, all these precious babies....

In other news, reading about conspiracy theories. Not gonna lie. It's... making me paranoid. Especially with the whole "Trying to break up Canada" conspiracy I remember hearing about like... 20 years ago? Yeah, like 20 years ago next year. Shit unnerves me. And yet I'm still reading....


Dec. 11th, 2015 06:36 pm
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Done my first semester. Seriously, these classes are hell and I just got so fed up with everyone I started verbally slaying them. Even sick of the people I hang out with. Like ugh. There are not enough breaks in the world sometimes.

At least I have a break now. Playing more Samurai Warriors. Shipping Naotora and Tadakatsu now. Because goddammit she is precious and she needs good support.
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Omfg. Playing :"Sinister Beauties", when you beat Kagetora Uesugi, he comments "Women are terrifying, just as Kagekatsu said!"


I mean, yeah, your mom is very frightening and manipulative.

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Picked this up on tumblr. Had to edit it a bit so it was more readable but it's useable all the same. Threw in my Samurai Warriors pairings for this. Will probably use it for other things too.

My “FOREVER” pairing:
Whatever, these two are super cute. Since I watched the anime and played a few of the DLC episodes, I really like these two together. Ina is so cute when she's flustered and Nobuyuki is her perfect, calm counterpart. Watch these two be the most unpopular pairing in this franchise

My “SOMETIMES” pairing (if i’m in the mood):
Masamune/Kojuro & Aya/Kojuro
I usually don't go with popular ships, hence why these are my sometimes. But then again... these two. Damn. And Aya and Kojuro are something I like to think about sometimes due to her chronicle mode episodes but.. again, sometimes.

My "PLEASE NO" pairing:
I just... don't ship it. I like Kanetsugu following Kagekatsu around telling everyone what he (assumes) he wants to say but that's about it. Kagekatsu supports him like a friend. Nothing more, nothing less for me.

Magoichi/Koshosho & Kanetsugu/Aya
It's established Magoichi and Koshosho have a, like, friendship but I can't help but ship them on the side before she meets Motochika. I'm sure he wouldn't care how much misfortune she would bring to him, she's stellar. And she needs some mindless devotion. With Kanetsugu and Aya, it is just based on pixiv fanart I saw and... yeah. Damn images. She could get him to do it. For righteousness and love!

These two whyyyyyyyy. Even when I watched Sengoku Basara I was like UGH THESE TWO WHY DID HE DIE. They could have had so much.

My “HATESEX” pairing:
This is based on the third game where Masamune was half a second away from killing Kanetsugu. Like whatever, I ship it. Pixiv turned me on them and the game. It works.

My “WORKING ON IT” pairing:
Okay, okay, I know, but I play them as a pair a lot in SW4 and they are so cute together. Especially when I score victory and Kunoichi is bouncing happily next to Sakon. Like look at these two cuties. There could be something while Sakon is with the Takeda.

My "THREESOME/POLY" pairing:
Yukimura/Kanetsugu/Mitsunari and Masanori/Nene/Kiyomasa
Well, the first one... Pixiv. Always. The second one I just found myself being drawn to the more I play the series. These two are really loyal to Nene and after Hideyoshi dies they were so concerned for her. I really like them just treating Nene like a queen because they love her and her teasing them like she always does.

Magoichi & Gracia and Okuni & Goemon
Magoichi and Gracia are just too cute. I really like her being an older brother figure to her. With Okuni and Goemon... I dunno. I like him being in love with her but I just think everything would be ruined if they got together. They would probably get on better as friends.

PIXIIIIIV. I love it but don't want it to happen. Nope.

Kagekatsu/Lady Hayakawa
-Insert head into hands- Okay... this was literally crack. I thought about how if Ujiyasu won against Kenshin, would Kagekatsu be sent to them and just how awkward he is fumbling with how sweet Lady Kayakawa is. Like this adorable awkwardness that would form. Also considering they fit my size kink since he's a fucking beast and Hayakawa is so lithe and adorable. Not to mention the parents scenario, I really had fun with these two running around together. Like I said, it was crack. Now it's serious to me.

My "ENDGAME" pairing:
Endgame, this needs to happen. These two aren't canon but damn they should be (obviously I am excluding real endgame pairings because they are endgame and canon. This isn't. It needs to be.)

They are precious in Pokemon Conquest, they are precious in SW3 and SW4 and every incarnation of them, they need to be together as an adorable duo. Seriously, I even put a Staraptor and a Luxio on my team for them. They'll always be together, dammit.

Takatora/Oichi or Hideyoshi/Oichi

I have no explanation other than I am trash.

Thank You

Nov. 28th, 2015 02:20 am
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Thanks to Black Friday, I am now getting a PS4 for Christmas.

I am so happy C:

Fire Arms

Nov. 8th, 2015 11:50 am
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So, I completed a Firearms Safety Course yesterday. I can now shoot 5 types of guns - Single Barrel Shotgun, Bolt Action Rifle, Pump Action Shotgun, Semi-Automatic Shotgun, and Lever Action rifles. Not bad, I would say. I talked to my dad and he said when I get my firearms license, I can get a Bolt Action rifle. Fuck yeah.

Anyways, right now I'm checking stuff in Far Cry 4. I have a project I need to finish by tomorrow but I'm 85% done it and taking a break. I kind of just want to screw around right now... either in Far Cry 4 or Samurai Warriors. I dunno. I feel like... I should be writing but nothing is inspiring me.

I mean, I have some notes for Samurai Warriors. Like, I would like to write for that. But I'm just so unmotivated. And I keep wondering if I should go back to writing Skyrim, despite the fact that I still need a break from that game and fandom. I dunno. Like... I dunno. It's the same with tumblr. I get excited for games but then on tumblr I just feel like uggggggggggggh.

I dunnnnnooooooo.....

*falls down*
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So, I unlocked the Battle of Hasedo from playing Legend of a Land United. I've been putting off the battle for a while since I know how it's supposed to go but I figured I might as well finish it now. That would just leave me with trying to get the objectives for the rest of the Legend of the Uesugi.

Anyways, I'm just going to document a few things Kagekatsu says during the battle. Considering he rarely talks, anything I get is good.

Kagekatsu Uesugi (In response to Kanetsugu Naoe's determination): Bloom, flowers, with all you have.

Kim Hori: I won't let anyone near Hasedo Castle!
Kagekatsu Uesugi: Just in case, we will leave a unit at the garrison.

(Mother to Son)
Aya: What is a Date ninja unit doing here? The Date forces must be nearby, Kagekatsu.

(News came in of Mitsunari's defeat at Sekigahara)
Kanetsugu Naoe: Mitsunari lost? Then what is the point of this battle. What is the point in living?
Kagekatsu Uesugi: Kanetsugu! It's not over for you or the Uesugi.
Kanetsugu Naoe: ...Of course! Then we should retreat at once! Keep our losses to a minimum and return to the Southwestern Garrison!

Yoshiaki Mogami: The tables have turned, Uesugi... Now we will detroy you all!
Kagekatsu Uesugi: The trucnk of the Uesugi will not bend!
Kanetsugu Naoe: I will lead the rear guard to protect the Uesugi and Lord Kagekatsu!

(And then...)
Magoichi Saika: I am the Date mercenary, Magoichi Saika! I've come to put down the Uesugi.

So, I kicked his ass as usual. Anyways, defeated the troops, and retreated 'gracefully' as they put it. There's a little cutscene at the end that was cute on Kagekatsu saying he will always support Kanetsugu. Of course, this picks up again in Samurai Warriors 4-II with Kagekatsu's story but I liked how SW4 ended with the Uesugi. Kagekatsu is a sweetheart.
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Playing the scenario of Children against their parents for fun and Aya is just killing me.

Aya: You would strike back against your parents? How sad... Obedience is the greatest virtue. Isn't that right, my little Kenshin?
Kenshin Uesugi: Yes, my sister. Let us move quickly to attack.
Kagekatsu Uesugi: As the son of Kenshin, I shall protect the main camp! (CUTIE)
(Also, I totally took them both down at once as Kagekatsu. My baby is strong as a fucking oak.)
Kagekatsu Uesugi: It seems we managed to defend the main camp.

And then I proceeded to blast everyone off. Ha ha.

Seriously, I am headcanoning so hard right now that Aya has a brother complex. She constantly teases Kenshin like this and he's openly admitted he's afraid of her.
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The Battle of Kawanakajima. Okay. So, I started with Kenshin and Aya. Brother-Sister power team all the way. But I will switch because I'm pretty sure one of the hidden objectives involves Kanetsugu. Maybe. Anyways, dialogue time! Now with Kagetora Uesugi, or the former Saburo Hojo..

Kenshin Uesugi: They're using the Woodpecker Plot... Move our main forces to Hachimanbara.
Kagetora Uesugi: The Takeda are planning to peck at the Uesugi forces on Mt. Saiko and chase them into Hachimanbara, so... Shingen will move his main camp from Kaizu Castle to Hachimanbara. So we'll move our forces there first!
Kenshin Uesugi: Indeed. Leave only a small company as a rear guard on mt. Saijo.

(Thing comes up to beat two officers)

Kenshin Uesugi: Attack the Takeda mobile unit's vanguard.
Kagetora Uesugi: I see... By striking first, Father will make them think he is not moving from the mountain.

(And, indeed...)

Shingen Takeda: The mobile unit's vanguard has been defeated... Kenshin must be strengthing Mt. Saijo's defenses.
Kenshin Uesugi (To his troops): Rear guard, defend Mt. Saijo. Main Force, move to the Hachimanbara Western Camp.
Kunoichi: Uwah! What are the Uesugi doing here?
Kagetora Uesugi: Shingen can't find out about our ambush! Silence that ninja! ...Takeda reinforcements are on the eastern slope of Mt. Saijo? If we leave them be, they'll discover my father isn't there!

(Worrier. Meanwhile.)

Kanetsugu Naoe: Lord Kenshin! The Takeda Army is approaching Zenkoji!
Kenshin Uesugi: Those provisions are our soldiers' lifeline. Defend them!
Aya: Kenshin's strategy is safe. You acted swiftly under pressure, sweet Kagetora.
Kagetora Uesugi: Yes! Thank you!
Kagekatsu Uesugi: ....


Sakon Shima: The Woodpecker Plot is about to come into play. Let's check on the state of Mt. Saijo, just to be safe.
Kenshin Uesugi: Defeat them quickly.
Kagetora Uesugi: Yes! We must defeat Sakon's reconnaissance unit to keep our plan a secret.

(Totally does.)

Kenshin Uesugi: A divine blessing.
Kanetsugu Naoe: Lord Kenshin! We have secured the supply line!
Kenshin Uesugi: Defeat the Takeda reinforcements quickly. Prepare the battle lines. You are in charge of the Hachimanbara Western Camp, Kagetora.
Kagetora Uesugi: M-Me? Y-Yes! I will defend it to the end!

(Thick fog lifts)

Kenshin Uesugi: I've come to see you, Nemesis.
Shingen Takeda: He took advantage of the fog to move his camp... You've surprised me, Kenshin. Alert all our forces! We'll use the crane formation to meet the Uesugi Army!
Kenshin Uesugi: Use the spinning wheel formation to break that crane's wings.
Kagetora Uesugi: The battle between my father and Shingen is truly incredible!
Kagekatsu Uesugi: The clash between dragon and tiger!
Kenshin Uesugi: I will slay you, Nemesis.

(Battling intensifies)

Kenshin Uesugi: I will attack you with divine switfness. Prepare yourself, Nemesis.
Shingen Takeda: This battle is not over yet. Once the mobile unit arrives from Mt. Saijo...
Kagetora Uesugi: If the enemy mobile unit reaches Hachimanbara, we'll be surrounded. Defeat Shingen before that happens!


Shingen Takeda: I'd have the disadvantage in a duel against you. I'm going to bow out.
Kenshin Uesugi: My Nemesis has already left...
Shingen Takeda (In another part of the battlefield): Now, let's regroup.

(And then Yukimura shows up. Great.)

Shingen Takeda: Now it's my turn, Kenshin.
Kagetora Uesugi: Yukimura is going after the main forces! He must be stopped!
Kagekatsu Uesugi: Kaizu Castle's defenses are imprentrable.
Kenshin Uesugi: My nemesis is holding the castle well... But there is a weakness on the western side. Take the Central Garrison to get to Kaizu Castle!

(Do this. Along the way, I switch to Aya and start kicking ass. Kenshin remarks "My sister is unmatched" and Kagekatsu says "Nothing I say will please you, mother." Which I find rather funny. Kenshin puts out admiration, Kagekatsu is humbled. This family istg. Anyways, get the gate open.)

Shingen Takeda: They've snuck in through the back gate. We've been forstalled...
Kenshin Uesugi: The time has come to settle this.
Shingen Takeda: The Uesugi have fought well. I want to get at least one blow in.

(Insert Kenshin annihilating him.)

Anyways, I missed one objective, and it was with Aya. I can play her later in this with either Kagekatsu or Kanetsugu. I need to play them all anyways but that can wait. But yeah, that was it.

It ends with Aya giving Kagetora some of her cooking (And telling him to call her mother since he calls Kenshin father. I swear she has a brother complex), which is atrocious, and Kenshin saying his new son has courage to eat that.

It then goes to Kagekatsu, who literally is confused on the entire situation. He's obviously hurt his mother is paying attention to Kagetora, and his 'father' but he doesn't know how to express it. Luckily, Kanetsugu comes and completely misunderstands the situation! Just like him...
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Bear with me. I just need to make some notes on my Samurai Warriors 4 gamefile. Strikethroughs mean I have got them. Bold means I have their rare weapon/all objectives complete.

Need to Collect (Story Mode):

Need to Finish (Story Mode):

Legend of the Oda | Legend of Chugoku (+Bonus Episode) | Legend of Shikoku | Legend of Kinki | Legend of Kyushu | Legend of the Tokugawa | Legend of the Takeda | Legend of the Uesugi (+Bonus Episode) | Legend of Kanto (+Bonus Episode) | Legend of Tohoku (+Bonus Episode) | Legend of a Land United | Legend of the Sanada |

Friendship Levels to Max (Chronicle Mode):

Rare Weapons:

| Yukimura Sanada | Keiji Maeda | Nobunaga Oda | Mitsuhide Akechi | Goemon Ishikawa | Kenshin Uesugi | Oichi | Okuni | Kunoichi | Magoichi Saika | Shingen Takeda | Masamune Date | No | Hanzo Hattori | Ranmaru Mori | Hideyoshi Hashiba | Yoshimoto Imagawa | Tadakatsu Honda | Ina | Ieyasu Tokugawa | Mitsunari Ishida | Nagamasa Azai | Sakon Shima | Yoshihiro Shimazu | Ginchiyo Tachibana | Kanetsugu Naoe | Nene | Kotaro Fuma | Musashi Miyamoto | Toshiie Maeda | Motochika Chosokabe | Gracie | Kojiro Sasaki | Katsuie Shibata | Kiyomasa Kato | Kanbei Kuroda | Muneshige Tachibana | Kai | Ujiyasu Hojo | Hanbei Takenaka | Motonari Mori | Aya | Masanori Fukushima | Takatora Todo | Naotora Ii | Munenori Yagyu | Nobuyuki Sanada | Yoshitsugu Otani | Hisahide Matsunaga | Kojuro Katakura | Kagekatsu Uesugi | Takakage Kobayakawa | Koshosho | Toyohisa Shimazu | Lady Hayakawa |

Characters to Max levels on:

| Kagekatsu Uesugi (Level 50) | Kanetsugu Naoe (Level 50) | Kenshin Uesugi (Level 44) | Aya (Level 16) |

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Well, still depressed as fuck. Still got no jobs. But slowly, small things are making me a bit better.

Mum wants to take me to Jasper on Saturday. She's pretty much the only one who saw me break down so... it's sweet of her. I said yes, I want to go because Jasper has always been a place very dear to my heart. I used to run away to it when I was miserable at my old job too. Only now it will take longer to get there... but I don't mind the drive.

I'm also getting a few of my emotions back. Smiling and such. I had a cute dream about Kagekatsu being an adorable cupcake so... Slowly but surely, I suppose. I'm still numb to my classmates, though. And a lot of my teachers. I suppose I just need to get through the course and graduate. Then find some shitty job I don't really want because I got nothing else. That doom and gloom is always on the horizon. But... I've got some video games. I just will have to take life one game at a time.

It still bothers me that I thought my life would go somewhere else. That I would get a job I would be happy with since I have all these options. Now I have no options, useless skills, and I'm a basic waste on society. It just.... ugh.

But like I said, one game at a time. I guess I'll start up Samurai Warriors again and do the campaigns. Try and get the trophies for it. Get into the games more so I can write for it...
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I need to record some of this dialogue, because it is precious.

So, this is the Kanto Campaign. And I chose Kenshin and Kagekatsu to lead, since they both have bonus objectives to do here. I would have chose them both anyways because I love picking the Father-Son team but anyways. Here's some dialogue I need to save on my babies:

To begin, when you select Kagekatsu second, he says "Yes, Father!" which is precious as fuck to me ok. Kagekatsu is so adorable in how dedicated he is. Anyways, to begin.

Ujiyasu Hojo: So Kenshin has come to visit Odawara with the daimyo of Kanto. Saburo! Politely send them away!
Saburo Hojo: Father! I have taken care of the enemies at the gate! I will now make siege preparations!

(Akagane gate was closed here.)

Kanetsugu Naoe: Lord Kenshin, we must be wary of young Saburo. We should avoid Akagane Gate and take control of the tertiary ward. The Takeda are watching for an opportunity to attack us. We mustn't spend too much time on this battle...
Kenshin Uesugi: Crush the enemy, and show everyone the righteousness of our cause.
Aya: Kagekatsu, pay close attention to how Kenshin fights.
Kagekatsu Uesugi: Yes.

(Insert fighting and me smirking because ohhhh... the Uesugi's.)

Kanetsugu Naoe: We can't advance to the Secondary Ward... Then we'll take the Lotus Pond first, and apply pressure from there!
Kenshin Uesugi: The Lotus Pond is beautiful.
Rifle Captain: Is that K-Kenshin? He's completely unguarded! Shoot him!

(Insert me... sigh, getting hit because I switched by accident. But I am aware of the dialogue after. Kenshin remarks he wish he brought a picnic and his soldiers are like 'Holy shit, he didn't get hit? Kenshin really is a god!')
(Then insert battling)

Kanetsugu Naoe: You are a splendid officer, Lord Kagekatsu! I am proud to stand by your side! You may have been adopted, but you are fully capable of following in Lord Kenshin's footsteps!
Kagekatsu Uesugi: You think so?
Saburo Hojo: Hey, aren't you Kenshin's son? You seem too weak to be...
Kagekatsu Uesugi: Hm...
Saburo Hojo: You can't win against the Lion of Sagami's son if you hesitate like that!

(Insert defeating Saburo)

Saburo Hojo: I couldn't live up to my father's expectations...
Kagekatsu Uesugi: Can I live up to my father's?
Kanetsugu Naoe (Totally not paying attention): We have taken care of the officers in the Secondary Ward! All forces, charge inside!

Kotaro Fuma: I will pull Kenshin's foundation out from under him...
Kagekatsu Uesugi: That ninja is going after my mother?

(Insert Kagekatsu kicking ass)

Aya: Kagekatsu, you saved me.
Kagekatsu Uesugi: Yes.

(Omg, sorry, but, Aya is precious and she had such a precious son.)

Kanetsugu Naoe: Lord Kagekatsu. Has something been troubling you? You haven't been comparing yourself to Lord Kenshin and worrying that you're not good enough, have you?
Kagekatsu Uesugi: Uh...

Adorable. And here's some dialogue with Kenshin.

Ujiyasu Hojo: Hey, why don't we negotiate a truce? You must be worried about Shingen, right?
Kenshin Uesugi (Ignoring Ujiyasu): Opening the gate of your own volition is admirable. Now fight.
Ujiyasu Hojo: You want to keep going? Continuing this battle will just make our soldiers and peasants grow weary...
Kanetsugu Naoe: Lord Kenshin! We've recieved word that the Takeda are up to something! We must finish with the Hojo quickly!
Saburo Hojo (cutting in): Father! I can... I can still fight!
Kenshin Uesugi: You are a fine, young warrior, Saburo Hojo.

Insert me kicking Saburo's ass.

Saburo Hojo: Move! I have to go to my father's side! I will protect my father with my life!
Kagekatsu Uesugi: Have I shown I am able to do the same for my father?


All in all... Kagekatsu is my baby and I love him so much. He's such a precious cupcake.
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This week sucked and I hate my life.

There, that's my summary of the week in full. Honestly, I really am miserable.

In other news, I started watching Magica Madoka or whatever it's called. It's not bad. I honestly hate the moe style of anime but the subject matter is so interesting, I tolerate it. I just got finished episode 3 last night and sort of went to bed all "Well. That's... what happened."

Will probably watch more later. Then some Sengoku Musou.

I am turning back into anime trash.
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So, I got bored today and watched the first episode of One Punch Man. It's... actually really interesting and cool. I never am really one to be into stuff that's like.. edgy and dark. Like Attack on Titan and stuff. But One Punch Man has an odd charm about it. I might watch episode two.

The other garbage I'm watching is the Sengoku Musou anime because I am trash. Really, I just want to see who is in it. I heard the next Samurai Warriors game has options for you to marry certain famous officers LIKE KAGEKATSU so I'm going full-on obsessed with the franchise. I unlocked Kagekatsu's storyline in Samurai Warriors 4-II as well so HFJHFGJHHGFHFH but yeah. It won't be until 2016 until the game is ported here.

I want it so bad though. My fucking baby!

Not much else. Have engineering tomorrow. Then I have to do some lame-ass lab in the middle of nowhere. Then a quiz and shit. This week is going to be annoying.
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I'm choking. Oh my god, I am so glad I bought Samurai Warriors 4-II and the DLC.

There's this stupid mission with Magoichi where he brings together 'The unique men who have trouble with women' and Kagekatsu Uesugi is there. Like fuck, I love Kagekatsu. He is a straight up prince among men. And Magoichi is complaining that it's so hard for him because he's so handsome and women don't realize it. Masanori and Goemon are there ttoo and they get right into it. Because damn, they're not handsome but women should like them too! What does Kagekatsu say?

"I don't really care."

Baby, I love you so much. Like, I legit love him. He's like... my fucking favourite. Him and Kenshin and their complete inability to connect with people.

But yeah, so, my baby is being dragged into a fight he really doesn't want to be in. I love it. To top it off, I read on the wiki that he'll be the only one who will be happy not to meet a bunch of women after because he just wants nothing to do with anyone. Like he is literally my baby.

And I do mean that. He's level 40 in my Samurai Warriors 4 game with his rare weapon Susano'o's Hatchet. He is such a beast.

Update: "Being kind can attract women? That's frightening."

Update 2: Masanori: I'm awkward. Ladies will love that!
Kagekatsu: I'm awkward as well. This is worrisome.


Oct. 7th, 2015 02:29 pm
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I updated my iPhone to the recent iOS. Man, this thing is sleek. Like, I love what they did with the music, even though I sure as hell am not going to buy their stupid subscription thing.

I say this and then watch me do it.

Anyways, today wasn't so bad. I mean, I guess. We had a Technology Communications class and basically everyone was being stupid in it and I just fucked around on my computer. Some of my classmates made me get snapchat but I have no idea what to really use the stupid thing as. Like... ugh. I am not witty in a few sentences nor do I like taking selfies so... whatever. I have it. And Instagram. I put both under the name Jarlfcknsiddgeir. Anders had no idea what that was. He kept yapping at me over it. I told him that's my handle. And it is.\

Jarl Fucking Siddgeir.

Always will be my baby.

Anyways, I screwed around last night. Fought with ideas on how to write. I need to get more into the heads of Kenshin, Aya, and Kagekatsu. Like I legit might go troll for information on them from the University library and shit just so I can write them perfectly. I've never written a setting in Japan that hasn't been modern so it's freaking me out a little. Like fuck, what would the castle structure be like? Did they even live in a castle or were there other areas they went? What were the battle camps like? Is this all necessary when I'm basing them all off game characters? Bah, I don't know. But I do know I want to add Samurai Warriors to my list of things I've written for.

And Pokemon.

One day...

(For now, fuck it. I'm going to go shamefully to the mall and buy an iTunes card)
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So, I bought Samurai Warriors 4-II, even though I am nowhere near completed Samurai Warriors 4. But I couldn't help myself. What if Kenshin's in it AND HE HAS MORE INTERACTIONS WITH AYA. Also I think I'm in love with Kagekatsu. I was playing through his character thing and he does this thing where he awkwardly says he's terrible around women. But you (the player)... and then he sort of gets embarrassed. And I flipped a table because FUCK, YOU'RE CUTE. I am hardcore Team Uesugi now. And I want all of my babies to experience love, dammit.


Other than that, I blew $400 on deadmau5 shirts. Worth it. I also still think my classmates need to shut the hell up and two years is way too long for this shit. Typical crap.

But back to what's important. Seriously, Kagekatsu. HNNNNNNgh.

Fuck, I should write tonight.

Fuck it.


Oct. 4th, 2015 06:09 am
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My computer is having an absolute shitfit right now. It switches between the text box and hitting itself and whatnot. I think that's an indication I need to restart it.

Hm, so what's new? Well, got my goal. Uesugi Kenshin is now my Plus 1 on the battlefield. Bitch is an absolute beast. My character is level 18 and Kenshin is... maybe a level 5? But he can hold himself up so damn well. I actually find myself playing as him more than my cute little wanderer because HNNNGH. His musou attack is just way too fun! But yeah. Kenshin and Aurora, tearing shit up all over Japan.

Though I did feel bad when I attacked Kagekatsu and Aya was on his side. I defeated her as Kenshin and she commented that she brought shame to herself and her brother. I was like.... aw, fuck, Aya... Now I feel bad. Actually, I find it very interesting how close those two are. When Aya is on Kenshin's side and Aya is being a badass, Kenshin will say "My sister is unmatched." And when Kenshin is destroying the battlefield, Aya comments on her "Precious little Kenshin." I think it's cute. Especially since Aya seems a tad psychotic and manipulative and Kenshin is just completely emotionless. It's like watching the Lannisters fight in battle.

Except these two aren't in love with each other.

Well, maybe Aya is. She did want Saburo to call her 'mother' when Kenshin took him is as a son but who knows. I put that more to her being controlling but hey, she could be in love with her brother. It's hard not to be when he's a fucking badass motherfucker on the battlefield. Anyways.

Actually, I am wondering if I should start writing these two. Within the fandom, the pretty boys are the ones with the fanart and fiction I notice. I don't blame people. Nobuyuki is incredibly sweet and Date is hilarious because he's such a power-hungry brat. But man, the Uesugi clan is just fucking perfect. Kenshin is emotionless, an obvious alcoholic (lmao srsly), and really naive sometimes. Aya is manipulative, strange (her food, wtf), and drop-dead gorgeous. Kagekatsu is intimidating but so soft-spoken it's precious. Fucking Kanetsugu is just... Kanetsugu. Him and his fucking rice song istg. And Kagetora is so new and eager and poor baby. I would literally watch a soap opera on them all. And it does make me want to write them. Probably starting with Kenshin and Aya because there is some sort of fun, messed up sibling relationship there. I don't want to say Aya has tortured him but I'm pretty sure Aya is the type of sibling to pull on her younger brother's ears and smile in delight when he writhes in pain.

Mm, guess that's it. I mean, in real life I have a Radio test coming up and shit but I could not care at this point in time. I'm actually happy for once focusing on something else. So, for today, that's what I'm going to do.
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Hm, guess I should update this considering people are dumping me from their friends lists. Honestly, I do use this place. Just not to update. Should change that.

So, where to begin? Well, for 5 weeks I was trapped in the wilderness with my classmates. That whole experience really taught me that I literally cannot make friends anymore and that I should always just put my expectations so low to the ground that a nice word to me will seem like a good day. Honestly, I was so excited to go into Forestry, thinking I will meet likeminded people.

I did not.

But isn't that the way things go? It usually is. So, anyways, I have no friends and life goes on. Thank God for video games. Which, speaking of, that girl I tried to talk to on tumblr no longer follows me so I can go back to posting on there. Not that I think tumblr is anything great but it's nice to go and reblog video games pictures again.

I'm also getting into Samurai Warriors. I bought the game and all the DLC and am going through the mode where you get to be a character doing things. I keep moving hard to get Kenshin, honestly. Like I just want my grumpy monk, game! And I blame Pokemon for making me love him. I played Pokemon Conquest up at camp so my mind didn't explode and hnnnngh Kenshin. HE'S MY NEW BABY.

So, yeah. I guess that's it, really. I need to take a shower today and go to the doctor's to get my ear drained. Then come back and work on a project. Then back to school. *sigh*
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I drew something:




6 hours of work on the both of them but they do look good..