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Well, I'm whittling down my massive list slowly. I only have about.. six achievements or so left now? They're massive but some of them are definitely doable. I don't really want to move on to Samurai Warriors 4-II until I'm done them though so I'm slogging along. As I do, I'm reading in the meantime. It's... hm.

Like, the one book I got at the library was sort of interesting. It was written in like, the 1980s but it got new covers - which drew me to it. Unfortunately, I spoiled myself when I looked up how many books were in the series because, well, the books are thirty years old. It was inevitable. But still... I dunno. They weren't the best but they weren't the worst either.

The books had little detail and skimmed a lot. Which, you know, I don't mind but it felt very incomplete to just rush things. 'Oh, this is Prince Y. And his friends. They immediately like the new kid.' I would have liked that to be fleshed out more...

But then, this book I'm reading now has more detail but it's so formulaic. 'Young teen girl finds out she's really a faery princess and blah blah needs to save her half brother in a Labyrinth plot.' Like, okay. But this book is just like the hundreds of others out there. It isn't really standing out. And it's irritating reading another "Oh, a human? Humans are SO stupid! They can't see the world/imagination around them and they think we don't exist!"

Just once, I would like to read the opposite. Like the faery world is the one where everyone is slow on the uptake and humans are the fascinating, interesting ones. But what do I know.

So, yeah. I might try and finish the Tohoku objectives today. Already grinded some rare weapons but I might continue tomorrow. And all in all, this does not feel like Christmas Eve.
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