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Fuck me. I'm playing through The Legend of the Sanada and just... the more times I see Kanetsugu, Yukimura, and Mitsunari interact, the more I am convinced this is my new loser trio. Yukimura and Kanetsugu are incredible losers. Like I can barely take it sometimes because... crimony you two. And Mitsunari is just there so unhappy. I just... fucccck.

It all just makes me remember I really need to write more. Especially since SW3 Chronicles destroyed me with how Naotora took revenge on me killing Tadakastu... then asked him to wait for her when I killed her. And I just collapsed because UGH NO NO BABIES. Like I need to write shit with them. And the Uesugi mess. And now the Loser trio. Like gaaah.

Honestly, I haven't been doing much other than Samurai Warriors 4. Since mom is sick and I'm not feeling too hot, I've just been taking it easy playing this while feeding the animals. It's actually ridiculous to think that Christmas is almost here. It feels like I've been out of school forever...
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