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Well, I finally did it. I got the achievement for getting all the Officers heirlooms. The last fucking one I got was Okuni. The first... was it Nobuyuki? Yes, it was Nobuyuki. But it's done. I got them all. Now I can move on!

Right now I'm moving with Sakon to try and get our rare weapons. There's a trophy for getting 20 and I might aim for just that. Getting all 56 seems like a daunting task that I don't know if I can do. Maybe I should. Commit and all that. But ugh, it would take forever.

In other news, my mom is sick right now. Like, laying in our bathroom sick. So, I tended to her, fed all the animals, and am now sitting downstairs while she sleeps. I hope she'll be alright...

No, I need to keep positive. She probably picked up something when we went shopping. She just needs to let her body take its course. My mom is a healthy woman otherwise. So, she'll be good. I just need to make sure she consumes her liquids and stays in bed.
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