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Ho man, I am still on a little high from FINALLY getting all Famous Officers to be 'intimate' with me in terms of Friendship in Chronicle Mode. Oh man, that took... like, at least 100 hours on it's own, maybe more. It took FOREVER, basically. But I did it! The last was Hideyoshi! And the first was Nobuyuki. Aww. But I got my trophy and I got my gold trophy for writing my own name in the biography. That battle was fucking intense to do. Like Kanetsugu (who I should have switched out for Kagekatsu) nearly died because he's an idiot. I nearly got flattened. But shit, I did it. Gold trophy now on my playstation, whoo!

Right now I'm just trying to get the last 3 heirlooms. Okuni, Goemon, and Ginchiyo is all I need and then I'll be done that. And trust me, I really want to be done this so I can get onto my objectives goal. Oh, and a few bronze trophies to get in the story mode. Going into rage mode 5 times, beating 500 enemies with a musou attack (Kagekatsu... you will be needed). There's a Mighty Strike trophy where you have to do it 5 times in a battle... but now that I know setting my blade to have an earth element makes it 100% easier, I may be able to get it without a problem. But the hard one is going to be getting all the rare weapons.

Out of like... what... 55 characters, I only have 3 of the rare weapons. Kagekatsu's, Kojuro's, and now Magoichi's. It's going to be a long battle to do this but hell, I got all the friendships. Maybe this is possible too.

Anyways, back to doing it. I was going to write today this little thing between Naotora and Tadakatsu but then I got lazy. I need to stop doing that and get back to writing...
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