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So, I got bored today and watched the first episode of One Punch Man. It's... actually really interesting and cool. I never am really one to be into stuff that's like.. edgy and dark. Like Attack on Titan and stuff. But One Punch Man has an odd charm about it. I might watch episode two.

The other garbage I'm watching is the Sengoku Musou anime because I am trash. Really, I just want to see who is in it. I heard the next Samurai Warriors game has options for you to marry certain famous officers LIKE KAGEKATSU so I'm going full-on obsessed with the franchise. I unlocked Kagekatsu's storyline in Samurai Warriors 4-II as well so HFJHFGJHHGFHFH but yeah. It won't be until 2016 until the game is ported here.

I want it so bad though. My fucking baby!

Not much else. Have engineering tomorrow. Then I have to do some lame-ass lab in the middle of nowhere. Then a quiz and shit. This week is going to be annoying.
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