Dec. 16th, 2015

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Still working on Samurai Warriors 4. It's a lot of work, not going to lie. Chronicle Mode is taking up most of my time with me trying to befriend all these Famous Officers and get their heirlooms. All I have left is Goemon, Oichi, Okuni, Nagamasa, Ginchiyo, Takatora, and Takakage's heirlooms for that trophy.

But for friendships, I need Yukimura Sanada, Nobunaga Oda, Oichi, No, Hideyshi Hashiba, Mitsunari Ishida, Nagamasa Azai, Sakon Shima, Yoshihiro Shimazu, Muneshige Tachibana, Motonari Mori, Yoshitsugu Otani, Hisahide Matsunaga, and Takakage Kobayakawa. Which could be over a hundred more battles to get them (and my trophy).

Not to mention my Life Goals list keeps going up so I need to finish all of those. I think I have Strategist, God of War, and Ninja Master unlocked to do but there's probably more after that.

So, it's not HARD work, but it's time-consuming work. And repeating battles over and over again does get extremely tedious. Hence why I usually listen to podcasts while I do it.

I also have a huge list of objectives to go through. I think I get a trophy for finishing 50% of them and then another for getting 100% which is going to be be huge to take on. There's also the trophy for completing every scenario with every available character (You can only bring two and some scenarios have past ten people) and getting every scene and music unlocked. Like I said... time consuming. I have to watch this YouTube video to get all the scenes because mixing two characters together will get you different event scenes unlocked.

Like I have to commend Koei for doing this. I paid... $70 for the game and then another like, $40 for all the DLC. So a good $110 dollars. But I've played over 400 hours, it says. And I'm still not done. So there's something to be said for them for making the game at least extend past just five hours like Call of Duty ever lasts me.

But I also have books I want to read while I try and get at least SOME trophies before my break ends. Oh, and I have to workout so I can get a job in fire. So... it's actually pretty intensive, my weeks off. I really only take breaks from my game to fill myself up intellectually. Otherwise like... I guess I can fire it back up, go into the Scenarios and do some steps while fighting people.

But yeah. So... that's my life right now. I do like it, don't get me wrong. Doing this feels a lot better than nothing. But man... goals to accomplish before January 2nd, really.
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This is a list made for myself on completing objective in Samurai Warriors 4. Nothing more, nothing less really.

Legend of the Takeda
1. Battle of Kawanakajima
2. Battle of Suruga
3. Battle of Mikatagahara
4. Battle of Nagashino

Legend of the Uesugi
1. The Kanto Campaign 11/11
2. Battle of Kawanakajima
3. Battle of Tetorigawa
4. The Otate Rebellion
5. Battle of Hasedo

The Legend of Kanto
1. The Great Kanto Defense
2. Defense of Totomi
3. Defense of Suruga
4. Battle of Mimase Pass
5. Battle of Oshi Castle

Legend of Tohoku
1. Battle of Hitotoribashi
2. Conflict at Koriyama
3. Oshu's Punishment
4. Battle of Hasedo

Legend of a Land United
1. Battle of Yamazaki
2. Battle of Shizugatake
3. Battle of Komaki-Nagakute
4. Conquest of Shikoku
5. Conquest of Kyushu
6. Conquest of Odawara
7a. The Battle of Sekigahara (East)
7b. The Battle of Sekigahara (West)
8. The Osaka Campaign

The Legend of the Sanada
1. Battle of Mount Tenmoku
2. Battle of Kanagawa
3. 1st Battle of the Ueda Castle
4. Battle of Oishi Castle
5a. 2nd Battle of Ueda Castle (East)
5b. 2nd Battle of Ueda Castle (West)
6a. The Osaka Campaign (Tokugawa)
6b. The Osaka Campaign (Toyotomi)

Legend of Kyushu
1. Battle of Mimikawa
2. Battle of Okintanawate
3. Seige of Iwaya and Mt.Tachibana Castle
4. Battle of Yanagawa

Legend of Chugoku
1. Conflict at Itsukushima
2. Conflict at Aga
3. Battle of Kozuki Castle
4. Seige of Takamatsu
5/ Conflict at the Ishigaki Plains

Legend of Shikoku
1. Battle of Shimanto River
2. Invasion of Asan
3. Invasion of Iyo
4. Battle of Hiketa

Legend of Kinki
1. Battle of Kannonji Castle
2. Pursuit at Kanegasaki
3. Battle of Anegawa
4. Battle of Odani Castle

Legend of the Oda
1. Battle of Okehazama
2. Nobunaga's Acent
3. Conflict at Rokujo
4. Retreat from Kanegasaki
5. Battle of Noda-Fukushima
6. Battle of Nagashino
7. Conquest of Kishu
8. Incident at Honnoji

Legend of the Tokugawa
1. Battle of Okehazama
2. Battle of Kakegawa Castle
3. Battle of Anegawa
4. Battle of Mikatagahara

Secret History
1. Sinister Beauties
2. Men of Charm and Courage
3. Fathers and Children
4. Nobunaga's Greatest Crisis
5. Test of Wits
6. East versus West (East)
7. East versus West (West)
8. Mitsunari's Disapperance