Oct. 7th, 2015


Oct. 7th, 2015 02:29 pm
bluecherrybomb: (Peacocks)
I updated my iPhone to the recent iOS. Man, this thing is sleek. Like, I love what they did with the music, even though I sure as hell am not going to buy their stupid subscription thing.

I say this and then watch me do it.

Anyways, today wasn't so bad. I mean, I guess. We had a Technology Communications class and basically everyone was being stupid in it and I just fucked around on my computer. Some of my classmates made me get snapchat but I have no idea what to really use the stupid thing as. Like... ugh. I am not witty in a few sentences nor do I like taking selfies so... whatever. I have it. And Instagram. I put both under the name Jarlfcknsiddgeir. Anders had no idea what that was. He kept yapping at me over it. I told him that's my handle. And it is.\

Jarl Fucking Siddgeir.

Always will be my baby.

Anyways, I screwed around last night. Fought with ideas on how to write. I need to get more into the heads of Kenshin, Aya, and Kagekatsu. Like I legit might go troll for information on them from the University library and shit just so I can write them perfectly. I've never written a setting in Japan that hasn't been modern so it's freaking me out a little. Like fuck, what would the castle structure be like? Did they even live in a castle or were there other areas they went? What were the battle camps like? Is this all necessary when I'm basing them all off game characters? Bah, I don't know. But I do know I want to add Samurai Warriors to my list of things I've written for.

And Pokemon.

One day...

(For now, fuck it. I'm going to go shamefully to the mall and buy an iTunes card)