Jun. 13th, 2015


Jun. 13th, 2015 08:25 pm
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Surprising, I actually did as I said I was going to do today. And that was map out my run. It's 18 pages long of notes and such and I had to edit over that to see if it comes together. But basically I got it split into two parts. And Team Galactic is sort of downplayed, which I'm unsure if I like that or not. But at the same time, why would a kid be facing them? Especially when other, more powerful kids aren't.

I mapped out rivers, lakes, and the mountains. Watched Departures while I did to get a sense on what to do. It did give me the idea of putting Celestic Town with a monastery, which I think will be cool. But yeah, it's the second half giving me trouble. I think I need to allude more to Dialga and make the romance more believable.

Also, not sure if it's a good idea but I want to incorporate Pokemon subspecies into this. Like I have this idea that Chobit, my Girafarig, is a Snowy Girafarig. Meaning she has white going down her. And Azeri, my Rapidash, is a Carmello. Things like that which I think could be neat. But I suppose we'll see how that goes.

Tomorrow I should read over what I have previously written and make notes. I need to sort out my headcanons, that's for sure.
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I just named my first Pokemon ship and it got accepted.

BrightSteelShipping fuck yeah. Because I... have problems.

Also BrightSteel came to me in the night. I was thinking PinkSteel shipping but Mei doesn't actually wear a lot of pink. But most of her clothes are bright and cheery (and pastel) when you look at Byron. So, Bright Steel.

I also jumped on them when I loaded up my White 2 cartridge and saw Byron mulling around outside the Pokemon World Tournament. Made me think of Champion Mei facing Byron with her fucking bitchass team and them both duking it out and afterwards going for a Casteliacone because fuck yeah, that was an awesome match. And if anyone else comes along they better be as awesome as them because no losers allowed.

Which means really no one else ha ha ha. No, not even Roark because shit son, I wiped the floor with your team.