Jan. 31st, 2015

10 Fics

Jan. 31st, 2015 10:59 am
bluecherrybomb: (Alice into the Fight)
001.Crush 002.Heart 003.Trace 004.Steal 005.Deep
006.Sorrow 007.Water 008.Hug 009.Sleep 010.Under

001.Fading 002.Passion 003.Stay 004.Rain 005.Within
006.Dread 007.Revenge 008.Time 009.Perfect 010.Eyes

001.Evil 002.Light 003.Angel 004.Home 005.River
006.Vision 007.Believe 008.Share 009.Trust 010.Away

001.Balance 002.Apart 003.Touch 004.Lie to me 005.Spiral
006.Sheets 007.Office 008.Recall 009.Gone 010.Too many words

001.Heaven 002.Reality 003.Twilight 004.Reach 005.Stain
006.Know 007.Explain 008.Deep 009.Try 010.Fight

001.Apart 002.Silent 003.Hell 004.Impossible 005.Pack
006.Breathe 007.Smirk 008.True 009.Find 010.Words

001.Heart 002.Unknown 003.Shadow 004.Goodbye 005.Shy
006.Trickery 007.Lies 008.Reason 009.Hidden 010.Dust

001.Dusk 002.Rose 003.Light 004.Silver 005.Pieces
006.Perfect 007.Stay 008.Bleed 009.Delicate 010.Chain

001.Fall 002.Clouds 003.Solitude 004.Dream 005.Memory
006.Need 007.Behind 008.Entwined 009.Bubbles 010.Spirit

001.Déjà vu 002.Stars 003.Reflect 004.Blind 005.Transform
006.Sleepwalk 007.Fix 008.Serenity 009.Sacrifice 010.Fire